It’s Time to #FundRight

Breaking the mold! STENTiT is proud to be highlighted as one of the 200 start-ups featured in the bid book: It’s time to #FundRight. With #FundRight, a large group of concerned and committed investors have taken the stance to address equal access to finance and opportunities for all founders, regardless of their background or gender. To achieve this goal, the VCs want the investment teams and the management teams of their current and future portfolio companies to have a diverse mix including 35% women. To counter the argument that there just aren’t enough female entrepreneurs to invest in, produced this bid book with a selection of 200 start-ups that were founded by gender diverse teams. Read the book HERE.

The bid book was presented together with the Gender Diversity Report from during the #FundRight event by Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy from The book and the report show how important this issue is and the step taken by more than 30 progressive investors to establish #Fundright. Mixed teams are more successful than mono teams and VCs/start-ups who embrace diversity make themselves more versatile, resilient and stronger.

STENTiT strongly supports this initiative and is proud to be among the impressive list of diverse start-up companies.
For more information, visit the #FundRight website.