Metropolitan Region Eindhoven supports development program between STENTIT and Wellinq

Metropolitan Region Eindhoven (MRE) provides a stimulus grant to support a new development program between STENTiT and Wellinq. With the funding, a dedicated balloon catheter will be made for the regenerative stent. This balloon catheter is an essential component of the delivery system to place the regenerative stent inside the blood vessel of a patient.

We are very please that with the financial support from the region, our long-standing collaboration can be further intensified to get the regenerative stent another step closer to the patients.

About STENTiT:

STENTiT is a medical device company focusing on the development of regenerative endovascular implants. These bioresorbable devices trigger a natural healing response by the circulating blood cells, in which the implant is being replaced by new vascular tissue to restore the artery from the inside-out.

Since the establishment of the company, STENTiT has received broad international recognition and awards for its high-potential approach, covering world leading stages. As the company is currently going through the next translational phases, STENTiT is on its way to fulfill its ambition to become the new standard in endovascular treatment, providing a life-changing solution for millions of cardiovascular patients around the world.

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About Wellinq:

Medical technology is our core business. We develop, manufacture and sell high-quality medical devices. We focus on creating technologies that give medical specialists the means to treat patients efficiently using our state-of-the-art devices.

Wellinq operates on a global scale from various locations in the Netherlands. Using our network of distributors or directly conducting business with leading international companies such as Boston Scientific, Terumo, B-Braun, Medtronic, Integra and Abiomed, we provide our partners with Wellinq brand-name products, semi-finished goods or private-label products.

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About Metropolitan Region Eindhoven:

The City region Eindhoven traditionally has been a region of innovative hardworking and future-oriented people. Today, developments follow each other rapidly and tomorrow’s future is different from today’s. Therefore 21 municipalities work together in the Metropolitan Region Eindhoven. The Metropolitan Region Eindhoven is a lively collaboration and we work closely with various partners. Together we meet the challenges of the future and lay out a common strategy when it comes to economics, spatial development and mobility.

The cooperation between the 21 municipalities in the Metropolitan Region Eindhoven has the purpose of realizing the ambition to rank among the top 5 in Europe and the top 10 in the world when it comes to economic strength and growth. In addition to a strong economic climate, we also work on an excellent climate for establishing a business and enjoying a pleasant living environment. A region where it is good to work, reside and live.

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